v3.7.5 Released

Now PHPFox version 3.7.5 has been released at 17th Feb 2014.

This is a maintenance release. If you are not on v3.7.0, make sure to check out v3.7.0

v3.7.5 will be the final version for v3. If any security updates are required they will be released as builds/patches. now the focus been shifted into v4. V3 have a lot of new and exciting changes with how developers will create apps for PHPFox.There is not an ETA for v4 just yet, however,  working hard on getting an Alpha version out to developers ASAP. There may will be release more information in regards to v4 in the upcoming weeks. Due to the changes with  development cycle, shut down the feature request section.

Anyone that has purchased PHPFox on or after June 1st, 2013 will get free access to download v4 regardless if their upgrade contract has expired.


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