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AdminCP access: Admin of the website have full control from their admin panel. Have an option to edit the entire look of your web. You have the access to change the CSS, logo which automatically resizes a logo for you so it perfectly fits on your website, edit HTML templates, edit files from your favorite text editor or IDE.

Themes Styles: A Theme control is the basic layout and structure of your website it is made up off HTML template files. There are few controlling templates files from which you can change the entire look of your website and have many styles from which you control the color, fonts, font sizes, etc.

Import/Export/Create Themes & Styles: Phpfox provides a feature from which you can easily import and export themes and styles by one click only. There are export link where you receive a ZIP archive of theme. Importing a theme or style requires uploading the theme to your server and then clicking the “Install” link from the theme manager. It also provides an option to create your own theme/Style from theme manager.

Parent Support: Every theme has their parent theme it make easy for the designers to make changes to the file.
Create New CSS/HTML File: Phpfox provides a feature from where you can create a new CSS/HTML and connect these files to a new page.

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