SEO improvements in phpFox

phpFox has recently announced the inclusion of HTML5 Microdata in v3.6. Following are some of that you can find in the new features as:

Duplicate Titles
Now phpFox has fixed the duplicate titles that end up on each page. phpFox has added a new setting to remove this title and to only show it if a page has no title set.

Now phpFox has added custom meta keywords and descriptions for any page on the site direct from the AdminCP. phpFox has added support for titles as well and changed the feature from “Custom Meta Tag” to “Custom Element”. With this addition you can append a custom title on any page on the site by simply pasting the URL of the page. This includes specific items like a blog entry or a video.

On each section phpFox has introduced a filter called “Sort”. This sorts items based on for example, Most Viewed or Most Liked. To give these sections a more unique title phpFox has also appended this to the title.

Canonical Support
New version also included the automatic creation of rel=”canonical”. To learn more about what this entails and how it helps SEO check out this guideline by Google.

Duplicate Content
If you enable the mobile feature of your site and if you allow guests to view these sections (disabled by default) you will get every page on your site marked as a duplicate since there are 2 versions of the same page on different locations. To fix this new version is including support for rel=”alternate”.

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  • I’m not having this on my dev site and I have both of the API’s active. Checked but not error but also now not give this error is so strange sometimes yes sometimes no… tried also when i was in testing to open sometimes and abort the position or put and leave if happened something! if reappear again i post a screen!

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