PHPFox Released Version 4.0.2

PHPFox released latest v4.2.0 with numerous improvements and new applications. Now with this version is PHPFox much easier customization and theme management as well. In latest version our apps system empowers developers to port their v3 into v4 module apps.

IM chat and video options are also available in your AdminCP. If you wanna use these options then you can check out the tutorials for enabling these from the Knowledge Base (KB). But, now Bootstrap theme is our core default theme and easily extends your theme as per the requirements.

Many bugs are resolved in v4.2.0: –

  • What’s up long key hang problem.
  • New custom fields have different styling.
  • Phrases for previous versions of PHPFox.
  • Featured and online users page issue.
  • Alizarin theme – Register and forgot your password out of Alignment.
  • Bootstrap theme, photo battles and styling issue.
  • Page view issue in mobile.
  • Bootstrap theme cannot change header height.
  • Mandatory fields issue on profile edit page and many more bugs that are resolved.

If you are using 4.2.0 RC then it requires uploading the package and then visits your AdminCP and head over to themes. Then, you can edit the Bootstrap theme. We “PHPFox Expert” is fully expertise in PHPFox Services – for getting information in detail you can contact to us.

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