phpFox Neutron 4.4 Stable Released

Helping you out to find your niche with a distinguished website, phpFox has come up with its latest version, Neutron 4.4 that will blow your mind.

Be prepared to get delighted! In this latest release, you will find a number of improvements in form of new features, theme advancements, speed optimization, security that makes it the best one till date.

We’ll come up with some answers of further tests in the subsequent blog post. For current updates, you can check out how fast are its demo and community site. Get unpmatched advantages of different performance features and other catching options.

Since phpFox has gone through each script to ensure matchless security, you’ll certainly want to upgrade with the latest version to receive better security benefits and other fixes. These improvements have apparently been possible due to countless testing and feedback received from different sources.

In regard with various consents for Groups and Pages to be detached, Groups have been separated in this version. This secures more privacy for everyone who needed better privacy solutions. With this upgrade, users can safely create secret, closed as well as public groups. More details on importing old Groups and enabling Groups can be found in their tutorial section.

Default Cover Images

Based on the received requests, phpFox provides you with an interesting feature of setting default cover photos for Groups, Pages and User ID. So now, there are no cover pages without images, setting you out for a colorful experience!


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Fixed Issues

Following are some issues that have successfully been resolved for a smooth customer experience.

  • Can’t comment on posts in Events feeds

  • Secret Groups seen in the Category List

  • Translation shortcomings

  • Videos don’t fit screen

  • Video uploading problem

  • Beta video permission issue

  • Cannot access announcements in admin after upgrade

  • Language files for export are 0 KB


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