PHPFox Neutron 4.2.2 Released

Finally, PHPFox released Neutron version 4.2.2 for their valued customers. Now, customers can easily go new version with more enhancements. With this version, PHPFox has fixed many issues or bugs. Through the upgrading services, you can install latest Neutron theme.

There are many bugs that are resolved: –

  • Add currency brings array to string conversion.
  • Home page banner is not rotating for uploaded banners.
  • 4.2.1b5 Marketplace undefined index.
  • Create “theme” does not have its own CSS file.
  • 4.2 stable: Creating a new flavor, results in redundant Bootstrap theme.

PHPFox updated their Neutron theme with couple of fixes and reinstall the Neutron theme. Even, if you were using it before, in order to get enhance or latest improvements. All these errors are solved in latest v4.2.2.

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