phpFox could be used for online marketplace

In order to sell things on your site, you need to set up the market, payment gateway and user group permissions. You can use the phpFox social script to create and manage your online store. If you want members to buy things but not sell things, you can set the settings to allow just that by enabling only the Can Browse and View Listings from within the marketplace settings for that user group and not enabling Can Sell Items on the Marketplace and the setting Can Create Listings.

AdminCP >> Modules >> Marketplace >> Manage Categories (if you need to edit any categories)

To edit the default categories, you would have selected Manage Categories and you will see the list of categories.

  • To the left of each one is an arrow that you can drag the categories up or down to suit how you want them. Be sure to click Update Order at the bottom right to save your changes if you are arranging the order of the categories.
  • To change the category name or parent category, click on the one to change and you can select to Edit or Delete it. Once you are in the edit screen, change the name and you can assign a parent category to it. Submit it when done.

If you want to change the title of the Marketplace menu to something else, let’s say Boutique, here’s how we will do this: AdminCP >> Extensions >> Phrase Manager and search for Marketplace. You will then see all of the phrases that are showing up with marketplace in them. We will change these but you can just change the ones members will see or you can change them all, as that’s up to you. To change them, in the right column you would change Marketplace to Boutique for wherever you see it. When you are done with one full page of edits, click Save All at the bottom right of the page and go to page 2 and repeat. Do this for however many pages are showing up from the search.

One thing that won’t change is the url, it will still show marketplace. If you want to change it, you could use this free add on, v3 url rewrite manager .

There might be some modules you won’t need active for your store. To manage these go to AdminCP >> Extensions >> Manage Modules

  • To the right of the modules you will see green or red dots. Red indicates they are inactive and green indicates they are active. Click a green dot to change the module to inactive. You could also uninstall the modules by clicking to the left of the module and selecting to Uninstall it. You cannot uninstall or deactivate Core modules (found at the top of the modules).
  • Apps module is a bit different. If you don’t want to see the Apps menu tab, deactivate it from your menu manager (AdminCP >> CMS >> Manage Menus) by clicking the checkbox in the Active column and then Update.


Marketplace plugin is a great tool to drive business for online merchants.

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