New Released for phpFox Neutron 4.3.2 build 4

Php Fox announce  maintenance released for Neutron v4.3.2  build 4. if you have Neutron v4.3.2 installed, No need to run the upgrade routine as this fix is only for those with a specific issue. Any versions below Neutron v 4.3.2 will need to run the full upgrade routine.

Some multi-language website was facing the “null” issue . Only few clients website effected by this issue.  .This issue fixed was mainly for multi-language sites having an issue with “null” on some parts of the site. You can simply load the one changed file and clear cache to have the fix if you are already on Neutron 4.3.2.

Fixed Issues

In Neutron v4.3.2 phpfox resolve the “Null” issue, which was coming on Multi language sites.

“Null” shows in some sections for multi-language sites



If you still Find bugs with this version? Please report them at Github tracker.

Need support? consult with PHPFox Expert.

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