Menu placement in phpfox

Menus can be placed in several locations in phpFox. You can place it in one of the 5 default main locations phpFox provide. For each menu you can add child menus to that parent menu also. You can also add menus to specific sections (e.g. blogs or videos), which would turn out to be a sub-menu. You can also order the positioning of menus so you can specify which menu should show up first and/or last.

You can use callback.class.php to add a link in the dashboard as well.

public function getDashboardMenus() { 
return array( 
'user.account_info' => '', 
user.activity' => '#core.activity?id=js_core_dashboard' 

You can add all the links in the dashboard like – My Profile, Edit Profile, Edit Profile Picture, Customize Profile. I mean here these links are populated via the mass callback method, for each section you see in the quicklinks if you check the callback class you will see the function.

public function getDashboardLinks()
return array(
‘submit’ => array(
‘phrase’ => ‘Share a Video’,
‘link’ => ‘video.share’,
‘image’ => ‘misc/page_white_add.png’
‘edit’ => array(
‘phrase’ => ‘Manage Videos’,
‘link’ => ‘’,
‘image’ => ‘misc/page_white_edit.png’

Don’t forget to clear the cache after that.

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