HTML5 Video Support

With v3.6.0, phpFox has introduced this new feature. By enabling this feature your site will automatically attempt to create 3 different video formats. They are MP4, WebM and Ogg. We still provide a flash fallback that will play the MP4 file in case the browser that is being used to view the video does not have support for HTML5’s video element.

In addition to that you can setup multiple servers to receive and transcode a video. This would fully separate the transcoding process from your website and your user would only have to wait around for the video to upload. Thereafter they can browse the site and wait till their video is ready. Your transcoding servers would need a cron job to execute a script we created that will work on the videos and notify your PHPFox site when the video is ready to be shown.

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  • Today, phpFox powers various social networking sites and community forums across the globe. With the help of PHPFox, one can have powerful forums and social networking sites.

    What type of service we could expect from the expert as like you, we are not a very technical support team show how much you will help us to keep the application update as per our requirements.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

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