How you can create blocks in PHPFox?

Creating blocks in PHPFox version 4 has changed a rather lot with compared to PHPFox v3.  In the upcoming release of PHPFox v4.3, PHPFox included a new method for developers to work with blocks that will give Administrators the power to manage them.

There are following methods for creating a block: –

1) With our current version you can create a block in your start.php
: –
block (1, ‘core.index-member’, function ()
echo “Hello PHPFox Expert”;

2) In 4.3+ version you can create a block with open up your app.json: –
“id”: “App_ID”,
“name”: “App Name”,
“blocks”: [
“callback”: “unique_name”,
“route”: “core.index-member”,
“location”: 1

3) Now you can create a callback connection in your start.php: –
block ( ‘unique_name’, function () {
echo “ Hello PHPFox Expert”;

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