How to customize or modify your PhpFox script to suit your needs

One of the most important features of a PhpFox script is its ability to scale. You could customize the application/script  to suite your specific needs and niche. Application could be used for B2B, B2C, Social Networking and many more other requirements. You can develop your own module, plugins and customized the full design and solution.

What you can achieve with PhpFox:

  1. Phpfox Template Development and Customization
  2. Phpfox Custom Modules Development
  3. Third party software integration with Phpfox
  4. Migration of your existing site to Phpfox
  5. Connecting Phpfox with other social networking applications
  6. Phpfox Upgrades and Security Fixes
  7. Maintenance of Phpfox sites

Why Phpfox

  1. Robust site structure and easy management
  2. Availability of third party mods & plugins
  3. Easy integration of third party software
  4. Fully customizable source code
  5. Fully unencrypted source code
  6. No. Of Active user community

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