Great Sound Regarding PHPFox Version 4.3!

“PHPFox Expert” has something to share with PHPFox users and whose are waiting for latest version. We have got the information regarding PHPFox version 4.3! Do you know – what’s new on improvement board for coming PHPFox version 4.3?

Improvements that can be included in the coming version: –

  • More improvement in user verification in terms of security such as Google Authenticator, SMS (Twilio, Nexmo, etc.).
  • Clear up configuration.
  • Improvement in pages to integration with core modules such as Music, Video, Blog, Forums, etc.
  • Improvement in Database Layer.
  • CDN services that are PHPFox CDN, KeyCDN and MaxCDN.
  • Separate file system, support popular file storage such as AWS S3.
  • More improvements in Theme and Photo Module.
  • Improvement in couple of layouts for quiz, event, poll, marketplace, music, etc.
  • Page loading performance is improving.
  • Fix bugs or issues in github and _p: missing phrases also fix duplicate phrases bug.

That, all are great sounds in coming version PHPFox Version 4.3! If you want to get more details about it – contact with us.

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