Facebook error #Phpfox:

Provide a valid privacy policy URL to fix the error. there are following steps to do:

1) Go to your site and create the private policy; their is already a page about policy in the software from where we can edited by going to
Step 1: Go to AdminCP -> CMS -> Pages -> Manage Pages
Step 2: Select the drop down menu
Step 3: Select the option Edit
Step 4: Scroll down until page data
Step 5: paste your privacy policy
Step 6: Press the submit button
Step 7: You will be redirected to your page, where we will copy the complete URL.

2) Visit developers.facebook.com/apps and
Step1: edit your app
Step2: Choose App Details

4) Enter your URL in both the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Service” fields
5) Click on “Save Changes”

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