27 Mar

Instant Messenger Feature

Instant Messenger Feature Online Friends: Users can search and chat with all online friends. Users Status: With help of this feature while login the users can set their status as “Away”, “Online” or “Appear Offline”. Block Others: You can block friends they do not want to chat with and edit their block list at anytime. Read More

25 Mar

Date Release for Phpfox version 4 RC1

Phpfox version 4 RC1: RC1 Release Date has been established by Moxi is March 4th, 2015. PHPFox V4 is due for release during Fall 2014. This new version brings about a new look and feel. It also pairs with Moxi9 Unity, It allows developers to create powerful apps. This date is estimated and it may Read More

25 Mar

Engage your PHPfox Website with useful Add-ons

Below are some great add-ons to engage your Social PHPfox Community: PROFILE CUSTOMIZATION PROFILE COMPLETENESS CUSTOM MODULE(S) DEVELOPMENT MODULE(S) CUSTOMIZATION INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL NETWORK LINKEDIN SHARE BUTTON EASILY MANAGE YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK MOBILE FRIENDLY Our team is capable to utilize phpfox for international business to load balance a very large community worldwide. Our team can redesign Read More

18 Mar

QUIZ Feature in Phpfox

1: Multiple Questions & Answers: This feature of Phpfox provides an option to for the users to create a quiz with multiple questions             and for each question user can create multiple answers. 2: Include Photos with Quizzes: Great feature to attach an image by users for each quiz that Read More

16 Mar

Phpfox provides numerous features:

Phpfox is gaining popularity Day By Day from the numerous features they are providing: * Events * User Groups * Apps * Pages & Groups * Photos * Blogs * Music * Marketplace * Activity Feed * Mobile * Attachments * Account Privacy * Ajax Browsing * Subscriptions * Overview * Forum * Custom Fields Read More

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